Monday, July 16, 2012

If only...

If only you were here today,
Oh the things that you might say! 
Your little sister is married now
And yes, I am sure, you are wondering "how?"

This time of year is always tough
Because I know that for our dad, it must be rough.
He continues to love you each and every day
His love for you is more than he can say.

I often wonder how things would be
If you were still here, with us... all happy. 
You might be a dad, or a husband, who knows
But you would be here, watching our family grow. 

I am sure you already know,
But you are an uncle to two precious little beaus.
Although they will never get to meet their Uncle Brew,
This I am sure, they will know everything about you! 

If only you were here today,
Oh the things I would say!
I would tell you how much you mean to us,
And tell you I love you, just because. 

Brother, I wish that you could be here on earth,
To love me and comfort me when I am hurt.
July 16th is always a day,
That I think, "If only... Oh, what I would say."

A big brother, a cousin, a grandson, and a son,
All the roles you played, so much laughter and so much fun. 
Brew, I hope that you will always know,
That because of you our world did glow!

We love and miss you Brew! 

Our Brew
July 16, 1980 - July 17, 1997

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